Eliminating Fish Odor from Starfish

The first step of ridding starfish of the fish odor is scraping away any leftover tissue from its underside using a little butter knife. Also, brush off all organic matter, such as seaweed and bugs, which may be sticking to the shell’s spiny top. Combine one part water and three parts bleach together in a large mixing bowl. You have to make sure that the depth of this mixture is enough to soak the starfish that you would like to clean.

Lay a flat, large piece of cardboard adjacent to the mixing bowl. Add salt and baking soda to the cardboard then scatter it all over the surface to make a powdery, thin layer. Soak the starfish into the bowl of mixture for several minutes. Gently shake the shell with a slotted spoon.

Use this cooking spoon for lifting the shell, letting excess solution drain through its slots. Put the shell on the layer of salt and baking soda that you have prepared a while ago. Let it dry up undisturbed through the whole night. You can clean and deodorize old shells in this manner. Do not submerge your hands in this solution to avoid skin irritation. Furthermore, keep pets and children away from the work area.