Handling Dead Sea Stars

Also referred to as sea stars, starfish are marine echinoderms that you can find on tide pools and beaches across the globe. National Geographic reports that there are more than two thousand species of starfish, though they all have the same physical appearance, which is composed of brittle and boney calcified skin.

In the event that you find this creature, either dead or alive, you must handle it very carefully so that its fragile arms, will not be injured or broken. This is extremely important since the sea star is mostly made up of these arms.

A dead starfish, just like a live one, needs to be handled with gentle and proper care. The echinoderm is made up of a brittle material, which becomes even weaker when it has dried from the open air. Allow the sea star to keep on sitting out and drying at some safe location in the sun if you plan on keeping it as one special beach souvenir. It is important that the starfish is dried completely so that it will not rot and become stinky in your house. Carefully wrap the specimen in either bubble wrap or tissue paper if you plan on transporting it long-distance.